Real estate is the anchor of SAC Law. Buying a home is going to be one of the largest investments you make in your life. And selling a home will often be one of the largest sales you will make. When such a large investment is being bought or sold you want a lawyer that will treat your transaction as though it was their own. 

Be confident that your lawyer will go the extra mile to ensure title is transferred free of any encumbrances. 


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How will your assets be divided among your successors?

Don't leave it to chance. We can provide you with flexible options to help you create a Will.

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The modern Canadian family is seldom a two parent, two child nuclear family. Family structures are changing, growing, and being redefined. 

Whether you are co-habitining, getting married, divorcing, or trying to do the best for your children, SAC Law is here to help you navigate the various family law provisions that may affect your life situation. 


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If someone has caused your damages or claims that you caused them damages, you might find that you are being sued or need to sue someone. This is civil litigation. 

Most actions begin in Small Claims Court whereas others may need to be brought in the Superior Court of Justice. Your lawyer should be a strong advocate to help you achieve the best outcome possible depending on your legal situation.